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Collaboration and Workflow

Esker provides out-of-the-box, pre-defined workflow scenarios based on best business practices to manage business documents efficiently. Our solutions not only enable companies to streamline their business processes but also provide consistency and visibility over the entire process, helping companies easily comply with finance regulations.

Document Approval
Exceptions Handling
Automatic Document Routing
Automatic Notifications
Out of Office Management
Profile and User
Validation Workflow History




Document sending approval
Document sending adds validation steps during document processing for a specific partner, a specific condition or specific information in the document, such as when the total amount of an order is above a set limit.
Exceptions handling
Exceptions handling to manage issues that may arise such as a vendor invoice amount that does not match up with amount on corresponding purchase order.
Automatic document routing
Automatic document routing to the appropriate user for validation, approval or when additional information is required from the user to continue processing the document.
Automatic notifications
Automatic notifications or reminders at any step of the workflow or upon the execution of a particular condition to make sure a task does not stay open for extended periods of time.
Out of the office management
Out of the office management automatically forwards tasks to a backup person when appropriate.
Profile and user
Profile and user rights management ensures there is no compromise on security.
Validation workflow history
Validation workflow history guarantees that every step in the process is recorded and saved for future reference.



User interface

The versatile Esker Document Manager allows users to validate and approve processing documents as needed. Whenever a user intervention is necessary within the workflow process, the workflow items are displayed in electronic web forms accessible by users from any location with an Internet connection.


Each workflow scenario is stored in the system in the form of business rules. These rules determine how each document is managed, processed and delivered. For example, incoming invoices are captured in the system and through content analysis Esker determines the correct workflow to apply. The workflow may include user-related steps (validation and approval) in which the correct user will be alerted or reminded to take action.


The Esker Business Rules Engine is at the heart of Esker Document Process Automation solutions. Based on proven and patented technologies, it allows the automation of virtually any paper-based business process in any type of organisation. The solution tightly integrates into company business applications and is designed to allow document information to flow into and out of your current application.

Custom processes

Esker solutions come with pre-defined workflows for processing key business areas including accounts payable, e-purchasing, accounts receivable and order processing. Our team of specialists can also help you customise a workflow to meet your company’s document processing needs.

Benefits of automated workflow

The Esker workflow automation capabilities offer a variety of benefits to an organisation such as reduced operating costs
and improved productivity and services. Companies who use automated workflow tools benefit from the following:


Increased productivity and competitiveness
Quicker response times
Improved cash-flow
Reduced legal and financial risks
Consistency and process reliability
Transparent workflows with continuous document tracking
A complete audit trail
Ability to quickly respond to changing market
Long-term data retention