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"When Esker first started, I remember thinking it was the most thrilling journey I'd ever experienced. In 1985, technology in Silicon Valley was booming and just the thought of what was on the horizon was both exciting and inspiring.

Over the past 30 years, Esker has gone from a fledgling start-up to one of the leading document processing automation solution providers, with more than 320 employees in 10 subsidiaries worldwide. In the world of digital technology, which sees so many companies come and go, celebrating a 30th birthday is a remarkable milestone. We would have never made it this far without the contribution of our talented employees, the trust of our valued customers, and the support of our partners.

From our desire to innovate in areas such as cloud computing and user experience, to our commitment to closely meet our customers’ needs and expectations, the future looks bright for many years to come."

Jean-Michel Bérard, CEO of Esker

Biggest Achievements

Our Favourite Memories

Vintage Esker: Spirits (and hands) are high during company meeting in Ouarzazate, Morocco

The Quit Paper™ company: Tree planting ceremony in Madrid, Spain

Esker Australia reaches new heights in Sydney

Esker's U.S. Sales & Marketing Team as Blues Brothers in Chicago, IL

Morning R&D sessions shows Esker's "Agile" methodology at work

Celebrating in style: Esker France wins "Best Company Breakfast" competition

Customer Testimonials


What do you like about
working at Esker?

"I don't know what it means to be bored! Esker is a very pragmatic company and has a very 'human' environment where we are not only numbers."

Giovanni, Country Manager, Italy

Esker in three words?

"Visionary, Professional, Human."

Adelin, Sales, France

What do you like about
working at Esker?

"I love the direction Esker has taken and the fact that we are an industry leader in cloud computing. I love how I get to contribute ideas and how the Esker leadership are always available."

Howie, Sales, U.S.

What is your best memory at Esker?

"Taking a sled down a ski hill in the Alps, at night, with just a flashlight on my head! Then drinking vin chaud to celebrate surviving it."

Steve, Country Manager, U.S.

What is your best memory at Esker?

"Finding out that Esker had embraced the Agile methodology."

Nicolas, R&D, France

What do you like about working at Esker?

"I like working for a company that has a collaborative team spirit and aims to be better every day."

Stéphane, R&D, France

Esker in three words?

"Innovative, Ambitious, Open-Minded."

Petra, Administration, Germany

Esker in three words?

"Familiar, Fun, Challenging."

Jesus, Country Manager, Spain

Esker in three words?

"Professional, Unique, Rewarding."

Dan, Sales, U.K.

What is your best memory at Esker?

"The trek through the Morocco desert just after Esker purchased Persoft."

Joe, Professional Services, U.S.

What do you like about working at Esker?

"The atmosphere: we do serious work while having fun. There is a very special spirit, colleagues are very friendly and willing to do activities together. I think it's quite rare and a real chance to work in such an environment. I also like the technology and innovating aspects of Esker's solutions. And of course the international scope of the company."

Sorya, Marketing, Australia