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The SAP integration capability developed by Esker brings together four key components offering more flexibility than any other document delivery solution available in the SAP space.




Esker Connector for use
with SAP applications
SAP Print Interface
SAP Directory Interface
SAP Integration Interface



Esker Connector for use with SAP applications

The traditional interface for fax, email and wireless message communications from SAP applications.

BC-CON Interface lets you:

  • Send faxes from SAP
  • Send emails from SAP
  • Send SMS messages from SAP Business Workplace
  • Automatically route inbound faxes to SAP users
  • Automatically notify the document senders of the status of their jobs with custom notification rules
  • Automate the formatting of your outputted documents before they are sent
  • Use SAP Output Control Process to automate document routing using the medium of your choice (fax, email or SMS message), and let Esker process and format the documents; SAP Output Control Process uses SAP Output Determination and SAP Communication Strategy to automatically determine the recipient of a particular document
SAP Print Interface

Provides full routing of documents directly from SAP applications into Esker solutions, as well as full status of delivered jobs back into the SAP system.

BC-XOM Interface allows you:

  • Print any document directly from SAP, and let Esker process it.
  • Create as many virtual printers needed, allowing document-specific processing afterwards.
  • Automate the formatting of printed documents before they are sent.
  • Send postal mail from SAP in a few clicks.
  • Archive and index documents that are printed from SAP.
  • Easily retrieve jobs and printers status in SAP spooler.
SAP Directory Interface

Allows the Esker Business Rules Engine to lookup business partner delivery information in the SAP Vendor Master and Customer Master records. This integration is built on SAP .NET connector. This SAP component allows calling standard or custom SAP BAPIs using SAP Remote Function Call (RFC) protocol, providing real-time SAP connection and interaction.
SAP Integration Interface

Allows industry-standard data to be passed in and out of SAP applications, including data “extracted” from scanned, faxed, and printed documents. Supported formats include EDI, SAP IDoc, SQL query/publish, and XML.