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A PionEER in cloud Computing

Esker is one of the first software vendors capable of offering a 100% cloud computing automation solution to its customers, based on patented Esker on Demand technology.

Cloud computing is a way for everything — from computing power and infrastructure to business processes and personal collaboration — to be delivered to you as a service wherever and whenever you need.

With over 50% industry growth in the past five years, on-demand services continue to increase in popularity, and represent 60% of Esker’s sales revenue.


Respond to business changes quickly, regardless of the capacity required.
Keep your solution up-to-date at all times with new features and enhancements — no allocated time or resources required. 
Access cloud applications using standard web browsers anytime, anywhere.
Guarantee 24/7 solution availability without the need for complex or expensive infrastructure.
Lower total costs and transition from a fixed cost structure to a variable one, while freeing up critical IT resources for strategic initiatives and innovation.
Strict standards and regular audits ensure the security of your business data is well taken care of.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

While the cloud delivers computing as a utility, SaaS delivers an application as a utility.

SaaS has become a common delivery model for many business applications where software is centrally hosted in the cloud. Esker believes SaaS is the best model to facilitate the use of document process automation solutions. Applications run on a shared data centre (based on multi-tenant architecture) and are flexible enough to customise to specific needs. More than 4,500 SaaS customers and 160,000+ SaaS users worldwide rely on Esker every day to automate key business processes.


The SaaS advantage


Defined predictable spends
via set monthly fees
Fast deployment and
flexibility with no installation
Rapid adoption
and high ROI value
Continuous, automatic
and free upgrades


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