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Document Delivery Automation

Add value to your delivery methods. Without adding complexity.

Even in today's high-tech business environment, conventional fax and mail are still prevalent delivery methods for transactional documents. Prevalent, but not perfect. More and more organisations are realising all of the associated manual tasks, heavy infrastructure, significant expenses and limited flexibility to handle peaks in usage and volume associated with these methods are limiting their efficiency and hurting their bottom line.


Esker's document delivery automation solutions can be implemented on-site or in the cloud to streamline your ability to send business documents using fax servers or a cloud-based mail or fax service from your desktop or enterprise systems. In other words, document delivery made fully electronic and fully efficient.

Our solutions are available 24/7 and flexible enough to adapt into virtually any business environment, with features such as real-time tracking and a worldwide production facility network




FlyDoc is an online mail and cloud fax service that makes sending business documents as simple as sending an email. FlyDoc users can send single or large document volumes directly from whatever desktop or business application they choose - all without investments in hardware or software.

Esker Mail Services

Esker Mail Services makes traditional business mail 100% electronic for the sender - business documents can be mailed from any ERP application or desktop for worldwide delivery to postal services within 24 hours of creation. Mail is processed and handed off via least-cost routing from one of Esker's global mail facilities.

Esker Cloud Fax Services

With Esker Cloud Fax Services, cloud faxing can done from any ERP application or desktop without investments in hardware or software. Real-time fax status notification and 24/7 fax service availability are among the many features this online fax service offers.

Fax Servers

Esker Fax Server solutions support many sources of documents, provide reliable operation at high volumes, and integrate with enterprise applications and messaging platforms to conveniently manage their system's operation.


Want to gain new business efficiencies?
Make document delivery 100% electronic.

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