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How do I sign up, and will I be able to use the solution right away?
To sign up, simply contact Esker to open an accounts payable service agreement. Once you receive the email with your username and password, you can log into Document Manager — a web-based interface, and begin managing your vendor invoices electronically.
May I have access to invoices from another computer?
The solution is accessible from any computer, anywhere in the world.
How much does the solution cost?
Pricing for the Esker Accounts Payable solution is based on how many invoices you process; specifically, your monthly invoice volume. The fee is monthly and includes subscription and traffic fees. The initial engagement depends on how much customisation your business requires. Subscription fees vary based on your invoice volume.
Do I have to provide a minimum amount of invoices?
No. However, your contract may include an invoicing minimum according to a minimum volume to which your company has committed.
Is it necessary to have a DSL or a cable connection to use the accounts payable solution?
Yes it is required, as you are transferring documents via secure Internet. If your documents are very large, you may run the risk of a slow connection when using a 56k modem.
Which Internet browsers are compatible with the solution?
The Esker Accounts Payable solution is fully compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or 9, Google Chrome 9 or higher, and Mozilla Firefox 10 or higher.
How does the solution connect Esker to my organisation?
You transfer your invoices to an Esker platform using a secure connection. Users within your organisation communicate securely with the Esker hosted order processing service via Document Manager, using HTTPS and a unique user ID and password.
How do you perform software upgrades and system updates?
Scheduled system and software upgrades are performed outside of customers’ core business hours and customers are informed via email in advance of all scheduled upgrades.
My company has existing security policies and procedures for its IT infrastructures. Can you integrate with them?
The Esker Accounts Payable solution complies with most IT infrastructures. At the time of installation, Esker Professional Services (PS) provides a full assessment of your system and works with you to ensure that your requirements are met.
Are there any issues with firewalls?

To transmit documents through your company’s firewall, port 443 must be open.

How do I track my accounts payable costs?
In order to regularly track costs, customers regularly receive monthly bills which show the number of invoices processed and the monthly subscription. Traffic reports are available within Document Manager so that you can match it with your bill.

Is it possible to test the solution?

Please contact an Esker sales representative to arrange for a trial.


Are my documents secure?
Yes. All files are transferred by secure Internet using HTTPS. The Esker order processing solution utilises SSL 128 bit encryption, considered the safest on the market and the norm for banking transfers.
Is my information protected?
The server platform supporting the Esker Accounts Payable solution is hosted in data centres and monitored 24/7. These secure server data centres are climate-controlled for temperature and humidity and feature backup generators which meet all fire and safety regulations.

Service availability

How can I be sure your service will be available when I need it?
Esker guarantees up to 99% service availability. Each of our server platforms uses high-availability cluster technology offering internal redundancies to counter any possible hardward failures. The platforms in North America and Europe are capable of backing up one another, guaranteeing that your documents are transmitted on time.


Who do I contact for technical support?
Esker offers a complete online library of templates and resources. Technical support is available by email ( and phone 1-800-368-5283. 24/7 technical support is available if you purchase a 24/7 tech support contract (for an additionally monthly fee).