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AUtomation in every phase of processing

Esker completely automates the sending and archiving of invoices according to customer preferences and regardless of media type — postal mail, fax, email, EDI
and/or publication on a web portal.

Validate & Transmit
Extract & Format
Deliver & Collaborate
Analytics & Audit Trails
Customer Portal


Validate & Transmit

Once your customer invoice is validated in the ERP or billing application, it is automatically and securely transmitted to Esker to be processed.

Ensure seamless interaction with your ERP.

Invoices are easily and transparently integrated with your invoicing application, and are transmitted in real time from the moment they are generated.

Manage all of your AR documents.

Other documents related to AR processing (e.g., cash collection letters and statements) can also be transmitted to Esker to be quickly processed and sent.

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Extract & Format

Invoice data is automatically extracted, while the invoice is converted into the customerís preferred delivery format (e.g., PDF, XML, etc.).

Easily retrieve invoices via data extraction.

Thanks to extracted data, invoices are easily retrievable in the archives (by customer name, invoice number, etc.). If an invoice needs to be delivered in XML, invoice data is appropriately formatted in the requested format (e.g., UBL, EDIFACT, etc.).

Customise invoice formatting.

When needed, you can add terms and conditions, letterhead, and company logos to customise your customer invoices. Esker can also intelligently add these items to the correct corresponding invoice.

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Deliver & Collaborate

Invoices are delivered to customers according to their preference. The web portal allows customers to retrieve invoices, as well as modify their delivery preferences.

Utilise postal mail invoice delivery.

With Esker Mail Services, part of Eskerís Accounts Receivable solution, paper invoices are electronically submitted directly from any application to an Esker mail production facility where they are printed, folded, stuffed into envelopes and handed-off to the local postal services within 24 hours of creation. As invoices are produced and delivered in real time, they are more likely to be paid in a shorter time frame. Learn more.

Benefit from e-invoice delivery.

E-invoices are delivered by email, either with an attachment or a link to a web portal (on which e-invoices are published) or via EDI when required by your customers.

Email, EDI and Web Portal

Esker adapts to your needs by processing and making e-invoices available to your customers the way they prefer them: any type of file format (e.g., PDF, XML, etc.), via any electronic media (e.g., email, publishing on a web portal or EDI), and integrated with existing AP applications. Esker facilitates the move to e-invoice with interoperability capabilities with other vendors.

The web portal offers numerous advantages: E-invoices are immediately available to you and your customers, both parties can securely access and review their respective invoices (current and archived), and your customers can select their preferred invoice format via the web portal.

Get peace of mind regarding regulatory compliance.

E-invoices are processed in compliance with all international regulations (e.g., e-signatures, EDI, tracking and reporting capabilities for business controls audit trails, e-archiving, etc.). In partnership with TrustWeaver, Esker applies appropriate e-signatures, time-stamps and verifications to ensure regulatory compliance in over 50 countries.

Utilise cloud fax invoice delivery.

Esker Cloud Fax Services, part of Eskerís Accounts Receivable solution, sends invoices and related documents via fax directly from any ERP application. Once a fax is delivered, its status is fed into your business application, updated in real time and visible to both you and your customers. Learn more.

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Your customers can easily pay any open invoice online directly from the secure web portal using a credit card, online transfer, SEPA Direct Debit, etc. Once paid, transaction payment details are available to you and can be updated in your ERP or business application.

Once customers have selected their invoice payment method, they will enter their payment information (e.g., credit card number, routing number, etc.), which is then securely submitted to Eskerís payment service partner. The invoice is marked as ďPaidĒ on the web portal and your business application can be updated. Eskerís payment services partner will then deposit funds into your merchant bank account. International currency and local payment methods are accepted.

Secure payment.

Esker and its payment partners provide the highest level of integrity, security and authenticity of each invoice during every transmission and transaction. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance protection and SEPA Direct Debit safeguards against card data exposure and improves detection rates.

Advantages of direct online payment.

Direct online payment allows your company to lower DSO and collect cash faster by providing online payments via credit cards. Resources previously dedicated to collections can be freed up by providing your customers with a self-service tool to pay open invoices. Additionally, by expanding your customerís payment options, you will improve customer service and satisfaction rates.

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Analytics & Audit Trails

All invoices can be easily tracked and retrieved online at any time. Tailored dashboards and metrics deliver key information to facilitate daily tasks.
All invoices can be easily tracked and retrieved online at any time. Tailored dashboards and metrics deliver key information to facilitate daily tasks.
Keep an eye on the pulse of your business

Esker dashboards provide every user with readily available information needed to perform their daily tasks, monitor performances, and spot problems or opportunities as soon as they arise, making every action smarter and more strategic.

Users can effortlessly access the right information when they need it. Packaged KPIs and dashboards remove all possible headaches for IT. Based on best practices and industry standards, the metrics perfectly meet the needs of AR users.

Looking for additional, more specific indicators? Esker makes it simple: The easy-to-use interface allows you to choose what you want to display and to which user or profile. And, you are free to remove, edit or add other indicators to your dashboards.



Monitor your daily activity with live metrics

Know where you stand.
See how many invoices need to be validated and how many have been paid online.
Get visibility on undelivered invoices.
Make sure invoices arrive at their destination by correcting incorrect email and postal addresses






Track invoices in real time

Monitor the progress of all your sent invoices on the web portal. With 24/7 real-time tracking and reporting, every sent document is tracked and the data can be stored in an online archive for up to 11 years.

Each invoice is tracked via a unique identifier: bar codes added to each page for paper invoices and read-receipt for e-invoices deliver traceability and process integrity.


Measure e-invoice adoption rates

Closely monitor your customersí transition to electronic invoice delivery with comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Improved visibility helps you to factually present results to your team and, if necessary, push for improvements.

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Invoices are archived from 2 months to 11 years and available online 24/7.

Safely and securely archive sent invoices.

Sent invoices (you and your customersí copies) can be archived in a secure and dedicated infrastructure and made accessible online to any authorised personnel (access is secured using advanced login security policies). Archived invoice copies are always available to you and your customer (on a web portal). A backup copy on digital media can also be requested.

Compliant archiving

Esker offers online archiving compliant with the EU E-invoicing Directive and regulatory frameworks like Sarbanes-Oxley. Your original supplier invoice and your customerís original invoice are stored in two separate and secure locations. Information security is ensured through duplication of information across three independent sites.

Retrieve invoices even years later

In the event of a dispute with a customer or tax authorities, even years after the invoice was processed and delivered, you are able to quickly locate it and submit the original invoice as evidence.

Customer portal

Changing the customer-supplier game with an easy-to-use and collaborative workspace

Painless customer on-boarding
Automatic onboarding messages
Prompt customers to connect to your portal using preset email notification templates or attaching a letter to their paper invoices.
Move to e-invoicing
By encouraging your customers to connect to your portal, you are facilitating the task of gathering email addresses, as well as obtaining their agreement for e-invoicing.
Branded portal interface
Easily customise your portal with your companyís logo and colours to match your corporate identity. Your customers will easily recognise the familiar look, resulting in increased portal adoption rates and faster transition to electronic documents.


Rapid dispute resolution
Instant communication
You and your customers can conveniently exchange information and chat directly via the portal to quickly clear up any discrepancies or ask any invoice-related questions.
Auditable conversations
Shared information is stored along with the customer invoice so both parties can always refer back to it when needed.
Visibility on disputed invoices
Log the reason for a disputed invoice and the invoice status is visible to both you and your customer.



Less paper handling
Invoice accessibility

You and your customers can access all invoices and related documents directly on your portal 24/7.

Electronic archiving

All sent invoices (yours and your customers) are electronically archived on the portal and made accessible to any authorised personnel or external tax auditors.

E-invoices are archived in compliance with all European Directives and regulatory frameworks like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act ó both you and your customersí invoices are archived in separate and secure locations and accessible via a secured infrastructure and portal.

Your project. In the Cloud.

Implement the Esker solution in the cloud using our SaaS model. All of the functionality is built into a single platform, making interfacing and support minimal.

Benefit from a customer invoice processing automation solution
as an on-demand service with Esker on Demand. Requiring nothing more than an Internet connection and web browser (i.e., no additional hardware, software or maintenance investments), the on-demand platform is specifically designed to help you avoid lengthy deployment cycles.

Benefits of Esker on Demand:
  • Rapid project go-live
  • 24/7 availability
  • Immediate scalability
  • Low risk
  • Easy access from anywhere
  • Pay for what you use

AGILE Methodology

Esker's adoption of the agile methodology ensures that your business will achieve maximum value throughout every phase of solution delivery.



Learn about the specific business benefits that automation can deliver.

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