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Whether your customers pressure you to process EDI orders or your company believes EDI to be the end-all be-all of order processing, making the leap to EDI might not be as challenging as you think. And the good news is, you dont have to do it alone.

Discover how Esker can help you transition to EDI and achieve 100% e-ordering,
all at your own pace.

Debunking the 100% EDI orders myth

Even if you have an EDI infrastructure in place, you still need to be able to handle all other order formats (e.g., fax, email, paper, web, phone, etc.), as customers will continue to send you orders via the channel that suits them best.

Manage every order with one solution

Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) can quickly and efficiently process customer orders from one unique interface regardless of their submission method or format. EDI orders are no longer "stuck" in the EDI workflow and difficult to locate. CSRs can also handle customer issues from the same interface.

Gain full visibility with customised dashboards
  • Track all orders in real time even EDI orders
  • Respect SLAs and priority orders
  • Get up-to-date information on orders awaiting approval
  • Quickly take care of order disputes and other issues
  • Measure performance and accurately forecast
  • Share relevant information with different audiences
Process all EDI orders even those with errors

In Esker's experience, errors can affect up to 35% of incoming EDI orders. These orders must then be manually handled and go through a complex workflow before they can be processed and entered into the ERP system. Orders may arrive in the proper format, but item details may be incorrect (e.g., reference, address, price, etc.) and difficult to correct, resulting in order mistakes, customer dissatisfaction and lost profit. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Esker takes information captured from an EDI order and creates a human readable version, making it easier for CSRs to verify, correct if needed, and start the workflow as usual. You no longer need to depend on your IT team to decipher your orders. And when recurring EDI orders with errors are received, Esker automatically applies the necessary changes by learning from previous corrections.

CSRs' jobs just got easier
  • Process EDI orders just like any other order (e.g., fax, email, etc.)
  • Easily complete EDI orders if data is missing
  • Intelligently correct EDI orders: Esker detects discrepancies and identifies the fields to be checked
  • Process orders in complete autonomy without assistance from IT staff

On-board new partners in minutes

Esker adapts to the way you do business.
Process any EDI order regardless of the EDI standard your partners are using (e.g., EDIFACT, ANSI X12, IDOC, etc.), thanks to Esker's intelligent and easy-to-use mapping tool.

Stay zen

Leverage existing investment and reduce IT headaches. Esker's solution can easily be configured to work with your IT installations at your own pace. No need to change anything to your existing EDI or ERP infrastructure.


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