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Customer Issue Management

"Customers don’t expect you to be perfect.
They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong."
- Donald Porter, former V.P. of British Airways

Esker enables true issue management automation to improve the global order management process and maximise customer satisfaction. Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) log, track and manage all claims in the same interface as their customer orders — improving efficiency by streamlining and automating issue management workflows.

The benefit? Better customer service, higher satisfaction rates, and CSRs with a greater sense of achievement and job satisfaction: a win-win situation for both suppliers and customers.





Log issues

Directly from the dashboard, create new issues just as easily as creating a new customer order.


Quick access

Customer issues are easily accessible from a separate tab. Issues can be viewed and filtered by workflow status.





Know where you stand

To help organise CSRs' daily activities, “traffic light” metrics provide clear and up-to-date information on the number of complaints awaiting resolution.

Analyse and react

Accurately analyse customer complaints thanks to consolidated activity reports. Determine the source of potential weaknesses in order processing, which can then be dealt with immediately.

Leverage customer feedback which can influence corporate policy, generate ideas for product enhancements and even new products.



Access orders, claims and delivery notes in one place

In just one click, retrieve orders, related issues and delivery notes from the order number. Filter data with powerful search tools and create relevant, precise management reports.



Job satisfaction

With customer issue management under control, CSRs are less stressed and more focused. A greater sense of achievement keeps them motivated and productive.



"Problem-solving" knowledge base

Previously resolved customer issues are archived and easily accessible. Solutions used in prior incidents can be applied to similar new claims, resulting in an increased efficiency to issue resolution.



Custom workflow and collaboration

Define approval workflows for different situations and configure them to meet your company’s specific needs. For example, product defects and invoice issues will not be resolved by the same people and with the same procedures.

Collaboration with other departments and external partners is facilitated: directly from the application, forward an issue to someone else, fax or email it to a partner, attach complementary documents, and keep track of the workflow and audit trail.



Same easy to use interface

No new software or interfaces to learn. Customer issues are visible on the same dashboard CSRs are accustomed to using on a daily basis. Easily create issues, propose solutions, collaborate and follow up.



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