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In the ever-changing industry of life sciences, the need to free up R&D resources and stay competitive is greater than ever. Biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical companies are under rising pressures to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. As a result, the order taking process has emerged as a prime target for modernisation.

Thatís where Esker comes in. While manual order processing methods are slow, expensive and vulnerable, Eskerís order processing solution offers companies in the life sciences industry a secure and centralised platform for paper-free processing throughout every phase of order management.


Pain: The cost of manual order processing is a drain on R&D.

According to Esker research, the annual cost of labour to process fax and email orders typically exceeds $100k. Thatís money that could otherwise be invested in R&D or patient care instead of going to low-value manual tasks.

Cure: Esker

On average, companies who automate with Esker reduce their order processing costs by 40-60%, allowing critical resources to be reallocated to R&D.

Pain: Time wasted on manual tasks takes away from patient care.

With a majority of pharmaceutical and medical device orders being received by phone or fax, human intervention is required, making order management a paper-centric process rather than a patient-centered one.

Cure: Esker

Companies using Eskerís automation solution report increased order processing speeds of up to 65%, preventing the disruption of time-sensitive actions and increasing the systemís overall level of efficiency.

Pain: Order processing errors can have significant consequences.

Processing errors, because of all of the manual touch points, are common when using traditional order processing methods. This is problematic in an industry where lack of precision could prove fatal.

Cure: Esker

Esker automates every phase or order processing, eliminating the need for human intervention. Since everything is electronic, lost orders, delivery delays and order inaccuracies are easily prevented.

Pain: Rapid response to urgent inquiries is virtually impossible.

When orders sit on a fax machine or in an email inbox, itís extremely difficult to identify priority orders or quickly respond to urgent order status inquiries ó a common demand in the life sciences industry.

Cure: Esker

Eskerís solution features a full audit trail and electronic archiving, enabling you to gain real-time access to reporting and analytic information while resolving disputes and responding to inquiries faster.






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