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Automation in every phase of processing

Esker takes the pain out of traditional order processing by removing virtually all manual touch points. Using advanced automation functionalities and no predefined templates, each order is completely electronic, highly secure and fully visible throughout its entire lifecycle.

& Audit Trail



Received customer orders are automatically routed to the correct Customer Services Representative based on key order information, including: company name, distribution channel, product line, geography and more.

Combine multi-source processes into a single process.

Regardless of how an order is received (email, fax, paper, EDI or web) Esker can instantly capture customer documents and immediately route them for processing — maximising control and flexibility.

Get orders to the right person without delay.

Orders are automatically routed to the right person for timely processing, putting an end to orders sitting at fax machines or in email inboxes.

Ensure urgent orders stay on top of the queue.

A keyword detection mechanism allows you to prioritise certain orders (e.g., “rush” or “critical”) and have them displayed in the urgent queue. This way, urgent orders can be dealt with first before moving on to less critical orders, allowing you to uphold promises to customers.

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The solution finds and extracts all relevant purchase order data from the received document and creates the corresponding sales order in the ERP system.

Reduce order processing time.

Leverage Esker’s data analysis tools to minimise human intervention, increase processing speed and, most importantly, provide better accuracy and security to order processing. More efficient resource management means processing all received orders before the cutoff with no more order backlog building up from one day to the next.

Get orders in and out faster and more accurately.

Working hand-in-hand with integrated character recognition technology (OCR, ICR, bar code recognition) and cross-checking against your existing databases, the Esker data capture module decodes character sequences by relying on context-based recognition, key words, fuzzy search, number computation and automatic validation.

Computer intelligence ensures that the right part numbers are used, the order ships to the right place and all required information is properly captured to make the earliest shipping schedule.

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Esker automatically detects exceptions such as order quantity, packaging, shipping address or conditions. CSRs only have to verify that the extracted information is accurate, or, if needed, complete what is missing.

Speed up customer order entry.

Automatic verifications help ensure that orders can be processed as quickly as possible, expediting the jobs of CSRs. The system checks that the quantity ordered is valid for the particular material, that the customer is entitled to order specific goods or services, that the pricing conditions are correct, that the requested date is within a reasonable timeframe and more.

Get orders ready to ship in a few clicks.

Once the automated checks and verifications have occurred, order data is automatically integrated into your order management system and ready for scheduling and shipping.

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When exceptions occur, or approvals are necessary, the order is automatically put into a workflow so that the exception can be lifted without adding delays in processing for that particular order.

Get exceptions out of the way quickly.

The built-in flexible workflow engine lets you rapidly obtain a manager’s authorization or a sales rep’s approval in the event of pricing discrepancies, special discounts or conditions — ensuring orders are processed and shipped with no delay.

Inform your customers in real-time.

Let your customers track the progress of their orders by setting up automatic customer notifications throughout key phases of processing. Customers will no longer need to call CSRs to check their order status, allowing your staff to concentrate on processing orders, rather than responding to incoming calls.

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Accurate order data is integrated in the ERP system while a copy of the original is attached and available to any authorized user when needed.

Integrate with all your ERP systems.

If your company has a multi-ERP environment following a merger or acquisition, you can seamlessly create orders in all your ERP systems and maintain full visibility over all orders.

Keep order copies safe.

Safely store your orders using Esker infrastructure’s advanced login security policies. A backup of your archive is available; you can also request a digital media copy.

Access original orders when needed.

Electronic copies of orders are kept for as long as necessary and can be shared across departments directly from the Esker web application. Electronic archiving allows orders to be available at any time and accessible to all authorised personnel from any location for as long as needed. No more chasing paper from one office to another. No more searching through file cabinets. No more wasted time.

Using a multi-criteria search engine, you can combine several fields (customer name, PO date, PO currency) to help find the customer order you need.

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Analytics & Audit Trail

Orders are visible at every step of processing so that you always know where they are, and allows you to run reports to monitor and measure process efficiency.

Keep an eye on the pulse of your business

Esker dashboards provide every user with readily available information needed to perform their daily tasks, monitor performances, and spot problems or opportunities as soon as they arise, making every action smarter and more strategic.

Users can effortlessly access the right information when they need it. Packaged KPIs and dashboards remove all possible headaches for IT. Based on best practices and industry standards, the metrics perfectly meet the needs of order processing users.

Looking for additional, more specific indicators? Esker makes it simple: The easy-to-use interface allows you to choose what you want to display and to which user or profile. And, you are free to remove, edit or add other indicators to your dashboards.



Monitor your daily activity with live metrics

Know where you stand.
See how many orders have been approved and how many still have to be approved before you can take a break.
Never miss an urgent order.
The priority orders metric is automatically updated
as urgent orders arrive
Manage your work force depending on daily workload.
Call for help before your team gets overwhelmed.
Never experience bottlenecks again!


Measure long-term performance and accurately forecast
Efficient order processing.
Why does it take so long to process orders? Are they waiting too long in a queue, or does it take too long to post them in the ERP system? Identify weaknesses to make well-informed decisions.
Resource management.
Do I need an additional full-time CSR? Gain insight on team capacity to better manage resources.
Performance overview.
How is my business doing? How are sales this year? Benefit from accrual reporting to analyse your sales activity and trends.
Give stakeholders full visibility to take action quickly.
Reports can be run or scheduled to see how many pending orders are in the queue to be processed and how much cash it accounts for. You only need to define when, at what frequency, and to whom a report be automatically emailed.



Get peace of mind regarding Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance

Esker keeps a complete audit trail of every manual touch point within sales order processing, giving you insights into “who did what, when and where,” with the ability to monitor whether or not the proper checks and validations took place.

Modifications history helps you quickly identify the user who made changes to an order should questions about the change arise. A record of all sales order changes is kept; no modifications can be made without leaving a trace.


Customer Self-Service Portal

Changing the customer support game with an effective
and collaborative e-commerce workspace

Intuitive customer onboarding
Simple contact synchronisation
Upload contact lists directly from your ERP application or
schedule file transfers to auto-refresh your customer
onboarding list.
Automatic onboarding emails
Prompt customers to connect to Esker’s customer portal
using preset notification templates and immediately start
exchanging order-related information.
Branded customer portal
Tailor your portal to match your company's corporate identity!
Easily customise Esker's application with your own colours and
logo to help your customers better identify with your company.

Rapid dispute resolution
Instant communication
You and your customers can easily exchange information, and
chat directly via the portal to quickly clear up any
discrepancies or ask questions about the order. This gives you
the ability to consistently process orders on time, or even a
little early, resulting in time and costs savings for both sides
and making you a valued business partner.
Auditable conversations
Shared information is stored with the order
so both parties can always refer back to it when needed.

Reduced order status call
Easy-to-use customer dashboards
With self-service access to order status and other important
information, customers no longer need to call to find out if
their order has been processed or when it will be delivered.
Customers also have access to past orders, regardless of
how they were submitted (e.g., email, fax, paper, EDI or web).
More time for your customer service team
Your staff can focus on more value-added tasks, such as
upselling, rather than answering customer calls and emails
on order information and status.

Less paper handling
Effortless ordering from an e-catalog
Via the online portal, customers can check prices and product availability
online and accurately place orders directly from your e-catalog.
Recurring orders
Do your customers order the same items on a regular basis?
By simply reloading a past order, they save valuable time.
Automated processing
Orders are automatically queued for verification and
processing, eliminating any need to manually key in order
data, and resulting in less paper handling and improved order processing time.

Your project. Your way.

Implement the Esker solution your way — as a broad automation strategy on-premises
or in the cloud using our SaaS model. All of the functionality is built into a single platform,
making interfacing and support minimal.

In the Cloud

Benefit from an order processing automation solution as an on-demand service with Esker on Demand. Requiring nothing more than an Internet connection and web browser (i.e., no additional hardware, software or maintenance investments), the on-demand platform is specifically designed to help you avoid lengthy deployment cycles. Pre-built integrations can quickly solve 80-90% of the typical order processing issues.


Esker DeliveryWare makes it easy to integrate a best-practice order processing solution with major ERP solutions. Customer service representatives benefit from end-to-end capabilities for receiving, entering and tracking customer orders encompassing automated capture and posting, routing for exceptions handling, and detailed reporting.

Benefits of Esker on Demand:

  • Rapid project go-live
  • 24/7 availability
  • Immediate scalability
  • Low risk
  • Easy access from anywhere
  • Pay for what you use

Key features of Esker DeliveryWare:

  • Automation of order details into your ERP system
  • Process history audit trail
  • Real-time status availability
  • Controlled exception handling
  • Order validation and duplicate order checking
  • Reports on process time, volume, queued orders and more


AGILE Methodology

Esker’s adoption of agile methodology ensures that your business will achieve maximum value throughout every phase of solution delivery. Learn more about advantages and customer benefits.



Learn about the specific business benefits that automation can deliver.

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