Transform AP into a profit centre with early payments


Company Overview

In 2018, Zelo Pay was founded in Melbourne, Australia with the goal of reducing unpaid invoices and bills through a platform that automates, brokers and incentivises early and on-time payments. Our company was rebranded Parakeet with a focus on approachability and a willingness to work together towards common goals of financial wellness and literacy. We see Parakeet as an icon for better performance, where businesses take flight. Through the power of technology and ease of our platform we hope the future is nothing but blue skies ahead.

Early & On-Time Payments

Parakeet and Esker make it easy to create, manage and approve early and on-time payments with one integrated solution. Parakeet’s solution is seamlessly integrated into Esker’s Accounts Payable solution so that customers and suppliers can dynamically better manage their cash flows.

Benefits include:

  • Improved customer relationships
    Every invoice paid early or on-time is a financial and emotional contribution to the wellbeing of you, your partners and the business community. 
  • Optimised cash flow and debt management
    Manage your limits and budgets from your bank accounts and credit cards in real time, through your personalised Parakeet dashboard.
  • Automated and accelerated early payments
    Parakeet links invoices and bills for easy approval and quickly lets you view return offer opportunities to boost cash flow or cut down debts.
  • Reduced errors and admin time
    Avoid double data entries with Parakeet's seamless API integration.
  • Integrated accounts payable and accounts receivable
    Consolidated invoices and payment processes are connected back to your existing accounting software for easy reconciliation.
“We chose to collaborate with Esker because our products complement one another. They provide upstream services to get an invoice to be in an 'approved' state. Parakeet subsequently completes the payment — early or on-time. It creates a true end-to-end invoice to payment workflow.”​
Charles Wong │ Parakeet Co-Founder & CEO​


    • Negotiate discounts on every supplier invoice
    • Reduce costs 
    • Assist suppliers in need of cash 
    • Increase your return on cash 
    • Transform AP into a treasury centre
    • Improve profit margins
    • Seamlessly connected to Esker’s Accounts Payable solution


Smarter way of doing business

  • Get paid earlier by providing discounts to customers
  • Convert receivables to cash in the bank
  • Reduce debt without admin burdens
  • Increase customer loyalty

Easy set up 

  • Set up your discount configuration in minutes
  • Start getting paid faster and on schedule
  • Optimise discounts for liquidity, cash flow and debt management
  • Control which clients receive discounts
  • Customise return rates and amounts to ensure profitability

New heights await 

  • Connect with buyer’s AP portal and maximise use of capital.
  • Minimise reliance on debt
  • Decrease cost of funding
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