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A digital assistant for the shared inbox

Managing a shared customer service inbox can be costly, chaotic and counterproductive. That’s why Esker designed a Customer Enquiry Management solution — powered by the latest and greatest in AI technology — to not only help your team deliver a better customer experience (CX), but also continuously improve as your business in Australia grows.

  • Address inquiries faster

    No more messy inbox folders! Classify, route & answer customer requests quickly & accurately with AI technology that includes ChatGPT.

  • Build better relationships

    Give your customers what they expect — a quick, consistent & helpful response. The end result? They keep doing business with you!

  • Be proactive, not reactive

    From strategic response & routing to real-time KPIs, Esker equips your team with the tools needed to provide a more proactive, personalised CX.


“It takes maybe a second or two to validate an inquiry now. The time savings — particularly for our CSRs — is one of the biggest benefits.”​

Aiza Toor, Customer Service Manager, Palmer Holland

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AI-driven email triage & management

Never miss an enquiry again

In a traditional shared inbox environment, classifying, routing and eventually answering emails requires time and effort from your Customer Service team. Enter Esker. Our enquiry management software does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to — bringing a clear, unified vision to your customer communications.

  • Inquiry classification

    The enquiry management system uses NLP algorithms to auto-categorise incoming requests by type (product question, pricing request, order status, claim, etc.), honing its accuracy over time. Sentiment analysis is also performed to instantly identify and prioritise inquiries with a negative emotional tone.

  • AI-assisted answers

    Our customer enquiry tool provides template-based and ChatGPT-generated answers that allow your customers to receive relevant and consistent responses. Replies are automatically generated from data retrieved from integrated systems (ERPs, CRMs, transport management and warehousing systems) and can easily be personalised.

  • Strategic routing

    Email inquiries that Customer Service cannot answer will be strategically re-routed to the person or department that can, or sent to other applications.




Transforming the DNA of your
Customer Service team

A digital assistant for the shared inbox
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Enquiry Management Features

Solution features that help deliver
B2B Customer Service excellence

Centralised information & real-time data

B2B Customer Service teams perform best when their strategies and actions are guided by data. Knowing this, Esker’s customer enquiry management software captures the most pertinent analytics behind your customer communications, and displays live KPIs in a simple and customisable dashboard allowing users to:

  • Visualise to-do lists, organised by category with priority orders highlighted
  • Monitor & analyse customer inquiries by type, date or customer
  • Track & evaluate SLA and performance of customer service team members
  • Examine trends to identify problems and opportunities as they arise

Intelligent email sorting for faster customer service

Embedded in the enquiry management system, Esker Synergy AI uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to analyse the content of incoming emails and automatically classify them in categories that are specific to each supplier (product question, pricing request, availability request, order, status request, claim, etc.). Inquiries are also analysed through an emotional tone prism to identify emails with negative sentiments.

Smarter responses, happier customers

Answering customer requests has never been easier. With the use of AI-assisted replies, CSRs can provide answers to customers in a single click. The AI analyses the email, extracts key information and queries different systems to suggest an answer for the CSR to use (either template-based or custom generated by ChatGPT). Human supervision ensures customers still interact with other humans as the generated answers are reviewed by the CSR and easily edited before being sent to the customer.

Seamless teamwork for exceptional customer experiences

In order to meet customer expectations, CSRs need to respond to customers in a timely manner. They can only do so if they have all the necessary information at their fingertips. Esker’s end-to-end communications platform featuring chat tools and tracked conversations facilitates real-time collaboration on any inquiry, both internally with other departments and externally with third-party partners and customers.

All your customer data in one place, for accurate responses every time

Esker’s customer enquiry management software integrates with multiple systems such as ERPs, CRMs, transport management, warehousing and product information systems thanks to its Connectivity Suite which provides multiple integration options using pre-built connectors, APIs or managed file exchanges. The system integration capabilities allows CSRs to quickly and accurately answer any product question or quote, availability or delivery status request.


Automating the full
Customer Service solution suite

Esker’s Customer Inquiry Management solution is part of its Customer Service suite designed to improve the B2B customer experience. By automating routine tasks associated with managing customer requests, orders and claims, Esker enables CSRs to perform more fulfilling tasks that directly impact their customers and company.

  • Order Management

    Eliminate manual data entry by enabling automated order processing.

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  • Claims & Deductions

    Quickly resolve customer issues & keep short payments under control.

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FAQs about customer enquiry management solutions in Australia

What is customer enquiry management software used for?

Customer enquiry management software streamlines the process of receiving, sorting, and responding to customer inquiries. It provides tools to automate classification, routing, and answer generation, ensuring faster and more efficient customer service.

Why is effective customer enquiry management important?

Effective customer enquiry management is crucial for building strong customer relationships. By handling inquiries quickly and accurately, you improve the customer experience, boost satisfaction, and increase customer loyalty.

Who should use a customer enquiry management tool?

Any business with a significant volume of incoming customer inquiries can benefit from a customer enquiry management tool. This is especially important for B2B businesses in Australia where complex inquiries are common and timely responses are critical.

Is a customer enquiry tool the best way to handle a surge in customer enquiries?

Arguably. The right customer enquiry tool can scale with your business. It helps you manage sudden spikes in inquiry volume while maintaining customer satisfaction, all without overwhelming your customer service representatives.

What metrics are important to track in customer enquiry management?

Key metrics for customer enquiry management include:

  • Inquiry volume and trends
  • First-response time
  • Average resolution time
  • Customer satisfaction ratings
  • CSR performance

What should I look for in a good customer enquiry management software?

Here are the features to prioritise when choosing customer enquiry management software in Australia:

  • Intelligent email classification and routing
  • AI-assisted answer generation
  • Collaboration and communication tools
  • Integration with other business systems (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • Customisable reporting dashboards

Does Esker AU offer training to integrate this tool into our existing customer support system?

Absolutely! Esker provides both thorough training and ongoing support to ensure smooth integration of our customer enquiry management solution with your existing systems.

Is the dashboard of Esker AU customer support solution customisable?

Yes, Esker's dashboards are highly customisable, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs and track the KPIs most relevant to your business.

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