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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) refers to software that can be easily programmed to do routine, repetitive human tasks quickly, accurately and tirelessly. Relying on structured data, RPA automates workflows or clerical processes by emulating human interaction within a graphical user interface (GUI) — helping businesses:

  • Reduce overall costs & process redundancies
  • Facilitate business security & scalability
  • Improve speed & quality in data management
  • Free up staff time to perform more strategic, value-added activities
  • Ease the replication of tasks & processes across multiple locations & business units
  • Empower employees to be more productive & professionally fulfilled


Although both deal with automation, RPA and AI are not one and the same. RPA doesn’t “learn” on its own and only works with structured data, whereas the AI technologies built into Esker’s AI Engine are capable of rewriting themselves in response to their environment or the data they’re exposed to.

Combined with RPA, machine learning and deep learning help bring automation to a whole new level!

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Robotic process automation
“For any company operating with paper-based and manual processes, I strongly suggest they implement a system like Esker. It brings huge improvements, drives efficiency in the enterprise, and just makes it so much easier to do business.”​
Worldwide AP Process Owner │ Maxim Integrated
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The brains behind our solutions

Learn about benefits of Esker's RPA an AI-driven solutions and how leading organizations are using the technology to increase customer, supplier and employee satisfaction.


Esker’s O2C solution addresses the manual gaps within the O2C cycle that inhibit processing speed, transparency and customer satisfaction in processes such as order management and accounts receivable.


From receipt of goods to the creation of an accounting book entry, Esker’s P2P solution enables businesses to automate every phase of the P2P cycle and positively transform the way they purchase, book and pay.



​Posting invoices and associated data to a portal is often a cumbersome and costly process. Fortunately, with Esker’s RPA functionality, users can push the data and document already in place in the ERP system to the predefined portals. Businesses who utilize Esker’s RPA tools in their portal environments can expect to:


  • Remove manual data entry & improve staff productivity
  • Eliminate time-consuming navigation in and out of portals
  • Avoid typing errors thanks to improved accuracy & operational performance
  • Boost employee morale & repurpose staff for more proactive tasks

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