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Incorporating sustainable practices into the source-to-pay process is crucial for environmental management, social responsibility and long-term sustainability across the supply chain. It involves engaging stakeholders, fostering collaboration, building capacity, implementing robust processes and maintaining clear communication.

With Esker's Source-to-Pay suite, businesses can establish mechanisms to monitor the sustainability performance of suppliers, establish improvement targets and collaborate with them to promote ongoing ESG efforts.

  • Extend supplier collaboration

    Engage suppliers in sustainability initiatives, fostering communication and encouraging them to adopt sustainable practices by providing guidance, sharing best practices and offering incentives.

  • Develop energy & resource efficiency

    Encourage suppliers to implement energy-efficient production processes, reduce water consumption and optimise resource utilisation to minimise the environmental impact.

  • Improve supply chain transparency

    Promote transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain to identify and mitigate environmental and social risks (deforestation, child labour, human rights violations, etc.).

  • Conduct full lifecycle assessments

    Incorporate lifecycle assessments into the procurement process to evaluate the environmental impact of products and services throughout their entire lifecycle, from production to disposal.

Ethical sourcing

Ensuring growth by driving
environmental responsibility

Esker's Source-to-Pay suite helps companies to identify suppliers aligned with their sustainability objectives through calls for tenders, requests for information or pre-qualification questionnaires. These processes can incorporate weighted bid scoring that considers sustainability criteria alongside pricing factors.

Such initiatives can encourage suppliers to adhere to ethical standards such as fair-trade practices, respect for labour rights and responsible sourcing of raw materials.

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Supplier evaluation & selection

Building trust & improving
supply chain efficiency

Create ESG questionnaires, monitor third-party indicators for ESG scores, and report on diversity criteria from the moment suppliers are registered and throughout the business partnership.

Esker’s supplier registration form includes a default section on diversity, enabling suppliers to provide details on relevant certifications and attach supporting documents.

supplier evaluation illustration

Supplier management dashboards

Managing ESG compliance

Once supplier registration is completed, Esker Supplier Management dashboards provide easy access to ESG indicators. These indicators can be monitored and updated in real time, with alerts triggered in the event of deterioration for a specific supplier.

management dashboard illustration

Green purchasing

Making procurement
more sustainable

To facilitate the procurement process for eco-friendly and energy-efficient products and services, such as those with reduced carbon footprints or made from recycled materials, punch-out catalogues feature the CO2 impact of each product. This empowers users to make informed decisions when selecting items.

green purchasing illustration

Carbon footprint tracking

Reducing emissions
generates savings

With Esker Accounts Payable, companies can easily extract carbon emission metrics (Scope 2) from utility bills and calculates Scope 1 and 3 emissions from various data sources. This extracted information is easily accessible through new standard reports within the solution.

By reporting on a company’s carbon footprint, businesses gain valuable insights into the environmental impact of their supply chain, identifying areas where emissions can be reduced.

carbon tracking illustration

Late payment prediction & early payment plan

Integrating supplier
financing into corporate
governance frameworks

Late payment prediction not only safeguards financial stability but also supports ethical business practices, transparency and responsible governance.

Esker’s solutions enable companies to anticipate and promptly identify invoices at risk of incurring late payment penalties, and the ability to offer dynamic discounting to maintain healthy relationships with suppliers.

Companies can improve their governance by understanding spending trends, implementing touchless accounts payable processes and driving vendor collaboration through dedicated supplier portals.

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