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Stop leaving added value on the table.

For manufacturers and warehouse distributors, fast and accurate document exchange is essential to the long-term success of the business. How effectively critical information is communicated to customers and suppliers directly impacts profitability — and traditional processes simply don’t cut it.

Esker’s automation software allows manufacturers to free themselves from slow and costly paper-based workflow to:

  • Increase accuracy by eliminating manual data entry
  • Simplify document search and retrieval with e-archiving
  • Improve process efficiency based on advanced analytics
  • Support and enhance regulatory compliance 

97% faster order processing
“In our industry, we deal with multiple order layouts and sub-line items on a daily basis. Esker was the only one capable of accommodating the level of minutia we deal with. The solution’s ease of use is phenomenal.”
E-Business Coordinator — ASSA ABLOY



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Eliminate wasteful supply chain expenses.

The process of capturing an order is the first step in handling actual demand. Thus, any slowdowns or errors caused by paper-based documents and manual touch points can lead to significant supply chain expenses for manufacturers.

Automation addresses this pressing issue by reducing the three biggest supply chain costs:

  • Errors: Reprocessing an order, issuing credits and shipping goods back can be quite expensive; automation eliminates these unnecessary costs by increasing accuracy.
  • Time: The faster an order is captured and accurately fed into the supply chain, the more time customer service, production planners, and third-party logistics staffers have to coordinate delivery and eliminate extra costs.
  • Supplies/paper: Automation means less physical labour requirements, fewer supplies and paper used, and reduced infrastructure costs.

Get advanced visibility over any step in the process.

In manufacturing, the volume of documents coming into and out of a business can be overwhelming and hard to track. Esker’s intelligent dashboards contain customisable KPIs with pertinent information available at the click of a button, making it easy to:

  • Allocate resources based on current workload
  • Monitor team and individual performances
  • Prioritise tasks and urgent documents
  • Accurately predict and plan for demand
  • Keep an eye on company cash flow

Streamlined AP workflow
“With Esker, we’ve seen reduced processing time with invoices that go through the electronic workflow versus moving paper, and the queue has given us real insight into how to improve the AP process.”
Manager of Business Technology–Financial Applications — Pentair



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Cultivate a world-class experience for your
customers and suppliers.

Improving the end-to-end experience for customers and suppliers is a huge boon to those in the manufacturing industry. Automated document processes address the biggest issues known cause customer and supplier relationships to suffer. From self-service portals to online payment options to e-catalogue ordering capabilities, Esker users can create a best-in-class experience every time.

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